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Blackduck Area History and Art Center
The Blackduck Area History and Art Center will close the month of January in order to refresh, improve and continue to make our establishment an interesting place for you to visit. We look forward to seeing you in February, 2011. Watch for our announcement. Happy New Year!

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Blackduck Area Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement: The mission of the Blackduck Area Chamber of Commerce shall be to safeguard and advance the best civic and economic interests of the entire Blackduck community, and to promote the best interests of the community's residents.

If you plan to visit Blackduck during the summer season, please stop in our Visitor Information Center located in the Wayside rest on Highway 71 and County Road 30 in Blackduck. Our friendly hosts will be happy to assist you. For more information, you may call the center toll free at 800-323-2975 or e-mail us  contact@blackduckmn.info

Organization Information

The Blackduck Chamber & Commerce Association meets every third Wednesday of the month. Meetings begin at Noon. Dutch treat.



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